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U•Konserve & Friends Switch The Straw Once And For All

 September 30, 2016

As our campaign to switch the straw draws to a close, we are filled with gratitude. Thank you to our partners and wonderful community who shared the message and posted…Read the full article

How Straws Affect Animals and Ecosystems

 September 23, 2016

Considering more than 90 percent of all trash floating in the world’s oceans is plastic, it’s logical that plastic accounts for the most harmful man-made items in the ocean. But what we…Read the full article

Artists Changing The Way We See Single-Use Plastic

 September 20, 2016

Today nearly every person on the planet comes into contact with some form of plastic packaging on a daily basis. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, worldwide use of plastic has increased 20 times in…Read the full article

Organizations Who Are Changing The Way We See Straws

 September 16, 2016

For the month of September, we’ve partnered with many impressive organizations to spread the #SwitchtheStraw message. These organizations feel just as passionate about reusable straws as we do! Below are a few like-minded campaigns supporting…Read the full article

Understanding the Lifecycle of Plastic Straws

 September 13, 2016

This month we are focusing our efforts on the impact of plastic straws on the environment. Daily, 500 million single-use straws are used in the United States alone, enough to fill…Read the full article

Five Reasons to Switch the Straw (Infographic)

 September 8, 2016

Similar to disposable plastic bags, plastic straws are used for only a few minutes, but remain in the environment forever. They end up on our beaches and in our oceans.…Read the full article

Drink Ideas for Work, School and Home (without the plastic straw)

 September 5, 2016

One reusable straw can save thousands of plastic straws from polluting our oceans and landfills. This September, we are providing ways you can switch the straw from plastic to reusable.…Read the full article

It’s Not Just a Straw, It’s a Movement

 September 1, 2016

Today, 500 Million plastic drinking straws were used . Eventually, they pile on top of other non-biodegradable items contribute to a problem that we can’t solve overnight. A plastic straw…Read the full article

Eco-Friendly Back-To-School Infographic!

 September 1, 2016

  Shop for back-to-school food storage containers and accessories. View our popular lunch packing products here.Read the full article

How To Pack A Waste-Free Lunch With Your Kids

 August 30, 2016

School is back in session, and the kids are transitioning from summer break to classrooms and after-school activities. It’s not always easy to get back into the swing of things,…Read the full article