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Understanding the Lifecycle of Plastic Straws


This month we are focusing our efforts on the impact of plastic straws on the environment. Daily, 500 million single-use straws are used in the United States alone, enough to fill 127 school buses. Understanding how plastic straws impact you is just as important as understanding the impact they have on the environment. How plastic straws…Read the full article

Five Reasons to Switch the Straw (Infographic)


Similar to disposable plastic bags, plastic straws are used for only a few minutes, but remain in the environment forever. They end up on our beaches and in our oceans. They become a hazard to animals and ecosystems. Now is the time to switch the straw and choose reusable straws or go without. This month we…Read the full article

Drink Ideas for Work, School and Home (without the plastic straw)


One reusable straw can save thousands of plastic straws from polluting our oceans and landfills. This September, we are providing ways you can switch the straw from plastic to reusable. Today we have some of our favorite straw-free drink ideas to make at home instead of purchasing on the go. Infused Spa Water (without the…Read the full article

It’s Not Just a Straw, It’s a Movement


Today, 500 Million plastic drinking straws were used . Eventually, they pile on top of other non-biodegradable items contribute to a problem that we can’t solve overnight. A plastic straw is a standard at any fast food chain, and many sit-down restaurants automatically serve them in drinks. People use them at home and never think…Read the full article

Eco-Friendly Back-To-School Infographic!


  Shop for back-to-school food storage containers and accessories. View our popular lunch packing products here.

Try this Eco-Friendly Challenge with our Partner Turning Green


At U•Konserve, we are so grateful to partner with some of the best eco-friendly organizations who’s values are aligned with our vision to protect the environment and foster healthy communities. Turning Green is devoted to education and advocacy around environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices for individuals, schools and communities. Through many community programs and challenges…Read the full article

Go Green at School this Year with these Fun Programs!


Are you ready to go green and take your school year to the next level?  We’ve rounded up our top four favorite green school initiatives to integrate into your year.  These programs cover all ages so whether you’re 5 or 15, there is something for everyone! Turning Green’s Project Green Challenge: Project Green Challenge (PGC)…Read the full article

Head Back to School with the U•Konserve Team!


With back-to-school just around the corner, we decided to go behind the scenes at U•Konserve and interview the team for their top waste-free lunch tips! Below we hear from co-founders Lynn and Chance as well as the head of the marketing team, Wendy. 1. How do you get your family into the back-to-school routine after summer…Read the full article

Back-to-School with Stainless Steel Lunch Containers


Back-to-school means back to packing lunches! Save time, energy and have fun with the kids by packing waste-free lunches in stainless steel lunch containers. You’ll eat healthier by packing homemade, non-packaged foods. Practice healthy portion control and pack balanced meals full of your kid’s favorite foods. Removable dividers transform stainless steel lunch containers into bento-style…Read the full article

The Incredible Eight: A Celebration of Our 8th Anniversary


This time of year is always a milestone for me, a time of reflection. Eight years ago in 2008, my daughter McLaine entered kindergarten and we began Kids Konserve .  We launched with what I thought would be our only product: a Waste-Free Lunch Kit. Together with my friend and co-founder, we were ready to…Read the full article