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Join the Refill Revolution this World Refill Day

world refill day

World Refill Day: June 16th

Our culture of convenience is polluting our planet, especially due to our dependence on single-use plastic. This is why we here at U-Konserve are excited to highlight World Refill Day, a global public awareness campaign by City to Sea. Founded by Natalie Fee in 2015, City to Sea works with communities, businesses, and activists to stop plastic pollution at the source. World Refill Day takes place on June 16th with the aim of preventing plastic pollution and helping people live with less waste.


Join the Refill Revolution

The point of World Refill Day is to connect and empower people to eliminate plastic pollution by making “reduce, reuse, refill and repeat” a new social norm.

The Refill initiative helps people find places they can shop, eat and drink package free, thus reducing plastic use. Many businesses also offer discounts and rewards to those who choose reusable and refillable products over single-use, which can help save you money.

Furthermore, plastic production and incineration adds hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 to the atmosphere each year, while millions of marine animals are killed by plastic pollution. When you choose to reuse, you’re helping regulate the climate, protect wildlife and preserve the environment.

How To Get Involved

While the small, everyday actions of individuals add up, the help of larger brands and businesses is necessary to truly take action against plastic pollution. We also need governments to hold businesses accountable. You can take a stand by patronizing eco-friendly businesses, and advocating for political change. You can also reduce your use of plastic by using reusable materials and products. Make the switch from single-use plastic to reusable water bottles and food-storage containers.

Here at U-Konserve we offer plastic-free resources to help with reusing and refilling, especially when you buy in bulk. Our Bulk Food-Storage Canisters are great for filling at the bulk bins, then setting on your counter or stacking in your pantry for less-wasteful food storage. We also offer Round Food-Storage Containers, which are perfect for lunches, picnics and outdoor adventures. You can also use our Square To-Go Food-Storage Containers for meal prepping, and to safely store leftovers after a meal.

Additionally, all U-Konserve containers have etched tare weights so that you don’t have to weigh and mark containers before filling at the bulk bins. Learn the top four reason to buy in bulk in our blog post here, including how bulk shopping saves you money and why it is better for you and the planet.

Another way to get involved is by using the Refill app. The Refill app is free, and allows you to find thousands of places around the world to eat, drink and shop more sustainably, while producing less waste.

With your help, along with the help of millions of others making small changes together, we can leave a lasting impression on our oceans and the environment as a whole. However you choose to celebrate World Refill Day, be sure to make an impact. Be a part of the movement to reduce plastic waste and protect our planet. Happy World Refill Day!