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Partner Spotlight: The Ecology Center

the ecology center

About Our Partnerships

As a mission-driven company, we are committed to reducing our dependence on single-use plastic and protecting the planet. That’s why, as members of 1% for the Planet, we pledge to donate a minimum of 1% of our annual sales to nonprofit organizations that share our mission. 1% for the Planet connects thousands of companies and organizations that are devoted to the same core values: sustainability, good corporate citizenship and personal responsibility.

Also, with the help of Beam, our customers will be able to lend a hand in how we donate. Beam aims to connect customers to brands by using their purchases as a tangible way to support a variety of causes and movements. Now, when you make a purchase at ukonserve.com, you can select one of our nonprofit partners. Then, at no cost of you, U-Konserve will donate 5% of the sale to the partners of your choosing!

The Ecology Center

One of our partners, The Ecology Center, aims to provide access to tools, knowledge and skills that can shift culture and promote healthy communities by fostering deep ecological experiences. They are educators and community builders, leading the conversation about healthy living through education and mentorship to help the greater community experience food and where it comes from in more diverse ways.

The Ecology Center farm is designed as a living system, classroom and laboratory for future generations. In this community space, participants can share skills, perspectives and experiences which they can use to make a difference in their own lives.

Furthermore, The Ecology Center offers apprenticeships which provide diligent vocational training focused on the expansion of local food production throughout Southern California. Scholarships are also available to provide access for underserved candidates, to ensure diversity and more systemic impact across the region.


Seed Connection

Saturday mornings between 9-10AM, you can join The Ecology Center for their weekly Seed Connection. Seed Connection is a free workshop open to all ages, intended to deepen your relationship with seeds, strengthen your knowledge of seasonal gardening, and connect you with the community over shared values of environmental care.

During the workshop, participants can explore the story of seeds and the different varieties grown at the farm. Participants will also learn how to save seeds through the seasons, examine indigenous, drought-resistant and heirloom seeds, and learn how to become stewards of at-home seed banks. Participants may join one time or visit every week to nurture seeds, friendships and community in the region.

Seed Connection also hosts a quarterly seed swap and exchange which is open to anyone who has joined a Seed Connection Saturday or anyone in the community looking for interesting varieties to grow.

Grow-Eat-Make Summer Camp

During the summer, The Ecology Center offers the Grow-Eat-Make Summer Camp, a two-week day camp where children connect with nature and each other, all while learning skills that pave the way for a healthy future.

Designed for kids 6-12 years old, Grow-Eat-Make Summer Camp provides the unique opportunity for kids to dig deep into the regenerative concept that guides the work of The Ecology Center.

Campers will spend their two weeks exploring The Ecology Center’s working farm, Farm Stand and Children’s Garden as a small, cooperative group. Each day focuses on a specific activity, such as farm work, food discovery, collaborative games, or nature-based arts and crafts, which reinforces ideals of environmental sustainability and stewardship.

At the camp, trained Camp Counselors lead groups of campers through the day’s activities which are tailored to the specific interests and needs of each group. The experience is intended to nurture a life-long appreciation of the outdoors, and help children find connections to the environment.

The Ecology Center, U-Konserve and you

Within their ten-year history, The Ecology Center has brought more than 150,000 people into conversation, programs and activities that connect ecology to food, and food to people.

They have made progress towards a better understanding of the role we all play in maintaining our environment, and have established a vision for a culture that gives more than it takes. Today, The Ecology Center is a welcoming destination for people everywhere to plant seeds, tend to gardens, use their hands, and share meals together.

The Ecology Center aims to not only shift culture and behavior, but also inspire and set an example for people and organizations looking to develop similar projects. That is why we at U-Konserve urge you to learn more about The Ecology Center and how their work is aligned with our own values of environmental sustainability and low-waste living. You can also further support The Ecology Center by donating to them directly.