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Four New Single-Use Plastic Bans to Follow

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Single-use plastic, one of most pervasive sources of pollution, is being banned by states and countries around the world. Time to stock up on reusables as the movement to reduce waste heats up.

Canada will ban single-use plastic items by the end of next year | CNN

Canada plans to ban single-use plastic like takeout bags, straws, six-pack rings, utensils and foodware by the end of 2021—all part of a larger effort to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030. “Plastic pollution threatens our natural environment. It fills our rivers or lakes, and most particularly our oceans, choking the wildlife that live there. Canadians see the impact that pollution has from coast to coast to coast.” – Canadian Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson. Read the details here.

What to Know About N.Y.’s Plastic Bag Ban | New York Times

The pandemic delayed New York’s statewide ban on single-use plastic bags, but this week it’s finally in effect. It is estimated that New Yorkers use about 23 billion plastic bags every year, and a vast majority (about 85 percent) pile up in landfills, clog recycling machines or pollute streets and waterways. Read the details here.

Scotland plans ban on plastic straws, plates, knifes and forks and polystyrene cups | Independent

Polystyrene food containers and cups, and single-use plastic plates, straws and utensils could be banned next year in Scotland. “There is no longer any doubt that plastic waste is having a hugely damaging impact on our oceans, rivers and land ecosystems. We must act now to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic and drive forward a move towards more sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives.” Read the details here.

Maryland will become the first state to ban foam food service products | CNN

As of October 1, Maryland became the first state in the nation to ban the use of styrofoam containers for takeout, including cups, plates, carryout containers and trays. Ben Grumbles, Maryland’s environment secretary, said that by banning styrofoam disposables, and recommending more sustainable products, the state will serve as a model for others with similar legislations in the pipeline. Bravo! Read the details here.