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Make Your Own Sanitizing Wipes

make your own sanitizing wipes

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have been instructed to wash our hands often and carefully. That has been pretty easy to do, especially since we are sheltering at home and soap has been readily available in stores. When we are out of our homes and it’s difficult to use soap and water, experts are saying we should be sanitizing our hands and surfaces. We will also be reaching for sanitizers more often as social distancing restrictions relax over the coming weeks and months.

Unfortunately, sanitizing sprays and wipes have been hard to find, and the information about how to use them effectively has been contradictory. The remedy? Learn how to make your own sanitizing wipes, and brush up on how to sanitize effectively:

Make your own sanitizing wipes

Since sanitizing spray and disposable wipes have been hard to find in stores, here is an inexpensive DIY alternative:


Learn how to sanitize correctly

Using sanitizing spray that you wipe off of your high-touch surfaces isn’t effective unless you leave the product on the surface for several minutes, and let the sanitizer dry on the surface. This is known as dwell time: the amount of time the sanitizer needs to remain on the surface to kill the virus. Disposable wipes are not only wasteful, but they dry out quickly, making them only mildly effective.

Sanitize often

Use your reusable wipes often in your home for high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches and phones. When you leave your house, slide your container in your bag so you have wipes with you when soap and water is not available. Use on your steering wheel, shopping cart and stroller handles—and of course your hands. When you are finished using your reusable cotton wipes, toss them in the wash, soak in sanitizer, store in your airtight container, and reuse!