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Say Goodbye to Takeout Containers (+ Giveaway and Flash Sale!)

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Earth Day Countdown: Week 5

Each week between now and April 22, we’ll give you powerful facts to share, offer you the chance to win reusable products, and give you discounts to empower you to break wasteful habits.

Facts: The Single-Use Takeout Container

Takeout containers and other food packaging account for 32% of all waste generated in the U.S. Those quick stops to pick up a sandwich or salad are costing us.

“Plastics now pollute all dimensions of our oceans from the sea surface to the seafloor, on remote beaches and in Arctic sea ice. The impact ocean plastics have on marine species is well documented, but increasingly scientists are concerned about the potential threat of plastics to species at the top of the marine food chain: humans.”  —Nicholas Mallos, Ocean Conservancy.

To-go containers are almost always coated with or made of plastic like polystyrene, so they can’t be recycled and they break down into toxic micro-particles. And compostable containers also almost always pile up in our landfills because they can’t be recycled (they’re not plastic) and most commercial facilities can’t process bio-plastics, so they are pulled out of the recycling stream. What to do? Refuse single-use plastic waste at its source and get into the habit of bringing reusable options with you.

Giveaway: Stainless Steel To-Go Container

Visit our Instagram and enter to win a large 50-oz. stainless steel To-Go Container. Good luck!

Flash Sale: 25% off stainless steel containers

The good news? You can easily refuse single-use. Get 25% off Stainless Steel Containers (excluding Insulated Containers) with code EDCONTAINERS25 at ukonserve.com. Online orders only. Ends April 17, 2018. While supplies last.

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