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Doing Business for Good: B Corp Retreat

b corp retreat

How do you build a movement?

Last month, my business partner and I joined the global B Corp community in Toronto to affirm our commitment to harness the power of our business for sustainable growth. This year we focused on interdependence and the belief that we are dependent on, and responsible for, each other and future generations, and should collaborate with other movements fighting for social, environmental and economic justice.

You’ll see this in our strategic partner relationships, corporate giving through 1% for the Planet, our new relationship with The Climate Collaborative and our new packaging updates.

The annual retreat was the perfect antidote for a co-founder of a 9-year-old, mission-led business who often spends my days managing what feels like minutia, analyzing spread sheets and hoping my mission of helping people lead a waste-free life is making a difference. It was the perfect remedy to get recharged and reinvigorated!

Where else can you:

– Create a Declaration of Interdependence for your business, which in these political times is just what the doctor ordered

– Talk about how ‘relationships, not transactions’ are central to a successful business

– Sit at a round table and talk about the Challenges of our Economy: ‘consumption’ and ‘population’

– Share with other company leaders about what you are grateful for

– Transform fears in to actions

– Realize that the future is our creation!

We walked away inspired by all the companies ‘doing business for good’ and envisioned a world of conscious consumption driven by B Corps.

If you’re thinking of becoming a B Corp, I say go for it.

– Chance