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U•Konserve & Friends Switch The Straw Once And For All

switch the straw

As our campaign to switch the straw draws to a close, we are filled with gratitude. Thank you to our partners and wonderful community who shared the message and posted pictures of how they switch the straw. We’d like to finish the month by highlighting more partners and community members who advocate for switching the straw.

These organizations and individuals feel just as passionate about reusable straws as we do! Below are a few like-minded campaigns supporting the movement to eliminate plastic straws.

Ocean Conservancy

The team at Ocean Conservancy is working to protect the ocean from today’s biggest global challenges through science-based solutions. Since oceans are the most important ecosystems on the planet it is important they are kept clean and free of trash. How do they accomplish this?  Through organized events like beach clean-ups, challenges like their last straw challenge, and building community via social networks. Get involved by signing this letter asking restaurants to ask before serving straws.

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Plastic Pollution Coalition’s goal is to stop plastic pollution once and for all. Get started by following their guide to living plastic free and signing their “no plastic straw” pledge. Take the next step and get your community involved by visiting local restaurants and cafes and asking them to serve straws upon request.

Straws Upon Request

The mission of Straws Upon Request is simple: get restaurant owners to commit to only serving straws when asked. Since straws are not a necessity to drink a beverage and cause harm to the environment, they’d like restaurants to kick the habit for good. You can follow their progress here. Interested in getting your organization or school involved? You can contact them here for more information.

One Green Planet

One Green Planet is educating consumers about why saying NO to plastic straws is a big YES for the planet. From the effects plastic straws have on the planet to how you can minimize your straw use, they are educating the masses.

Still looking to switch the straw? Act now and receive a free straw brush with your purchase of reusable straws. Offer ends 9/30.

Check out our switch the straw board on Pinterest for more straw facts and information on how you can become involved with the movement.