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Organizations Who Are Changing The Way We See Straws


For the month of September, we’ve partnered with many impressive organizations to spread the #SwitchtheStraw message. These organizations feel just as passionate about reusable straws as we do! Below are a few like-minded campaigns supporting the movement to eliminate plastic straws:

The Last Plastic Straw

The Last Plastic Straw’s main focus is to educate the public on disposable plastics and the harm they have on our health, environment and oceans. They aim to eliminate the issue from the source: single-use plastics.

How can you help? Simply request “no straw please” at restaurants, coffee shops and juice bars. Encourage them to only provide straws on request from customers, and to use compostable or reusable options instead of plastic. Basically, DO LESS: consume less, waste less, and use less plastic. It’s a win-win!

Join in a global movement to eliminate plastic drinking straws from our landfills, our streams, our oceans and our beaches.

Be Straw Free Campaign

The Be Straw Free campaign was started by 9-year-old Milo Cress when he learned the facts about daily plastic straw use. His campaign aims to work together with members of the straw industry, restaurants, schools, environmental groups, businesses and concerned citizens to reduce the use of disposable plastic straws.

Take action! Join Milo in reducing waste by taking the pledge to go strawless or adopting an “offer first” policy at restaurants or businesses. Get your community involved and follow Milo’s lead. One person can have a profound effect on the health of our environment.

Click here for more information or to run a campaign.

5 Gyres

The 5 Gyres Institute is a non-profit organization that empowers action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution. Their programs and research focus on science, art, education and adventure as it relates to the world’s oceans.

A gyre is a large system of circular ocean currents formed by global wind patterns and forces created by the Earth’s rotation. Debris drifts into these areas of the ocean and accumulates into garbage patches due to wind patterns. The Indian Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean and North Pacific Ocean all have giant garbage patches that are significantly impacting the health of our oceans.

Plastic straws are a top polluter on beaches. As a result, 5 Gyres encourages their community to sign a #plasticfree pledge. With action steps and guides, 5 Gyres’ resources make it easier to live plastic free.

So, how will you get involved and #SwitchtheStraw? Share with us on social media if you’re organizing a campaign, bringing your own reusable straw, or saying NO to plastic straws!