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Go Green at School this Year with these Fun Programs!

go green

Are you ready to go green and take your school year to the next level?  We’ve rounded up our top four favorite green school initiatives to integrate into your year.  These programs cover all ages so whether you’re 5 or 15, there is something for everyone!

Turning Green’s Project Green Challenge:

Project Green Challenge (PGC) is a powerful and diverse call to action for high school and college students around the world. Taking place during the month of October, PGC features thirty days of environmentally themed challenges, providing students with mentorship, advocacy and leadership skills. Through conscious living, informed consumption, and individual and collective action, PGC participants are challenged to contribute to a healthy, just and thriving planet.

Since launching in 2011, this initiative has engaged over 25,000 students directly and tens of millions indirectly, on more than 1,000 campuses in all 50 states and 45 countries. This year’s challenge begins October 1st, and students have the potential to win $12k and a trip to San Fransisco. For more information or to sign up click here.

UKonserve Waste-Free Challenge:

Every year, a child using a disposable lunch creates 67 pounds of waste. Go green this year and kick the habit of disposable bags, plastic bottles and packaged foods. Help your school go waste-free and reduce trash in our landfills and oceans!

We offer 2 different options for running waste-free challenges at your school.

  1. Offer a coupon code to families at school by including our Parent Flier in your school newsletter, on classroom bulletin boards or in back-to-school packets. Parents order directly at ukonserve.com and receive 20% off all orders. Items are shipped directly to the customer.
  2. Run a SALE! Offer families a 20% DISCOUNT plus free shipping or offer families products at the regular price plus free shipping and FUNDRAISE 20% for your school.

For more information and resources on our waste-free challenge click here.

Cool the Earth:

This K-8 enrichment program teaches students about climate change solutions. The program runs in the following format:

  • ASSEMBLY: They provide a script, costumes and materials. Then volunteers at each school stage their own 25-minute climate change assembly.
  • ACTION: After the assembly, each student brings home a coupon book featuring a variety of actions families can take to help stop climate change.
  • RESULTS: Completed coupons are collected at school and tallied by a volunteer. As the tally builds, kids see the change they make by working together.

Cool the Earth provides all necessary materials and support to each school that runs the program. Interested in learning more or signing up your school or organization? Click here for more information!

Captain Planet:

“Our children can inherit a legacy of wastefulness, or an action plan that can save our planet. That is why we created Captain Planet and the Planeteers.” – Ted Turner

The Captain Planet Foundation empowers young people by having schools and organizations around the world present their environmental projects to the Foundation in return for seed money to grow their ideas.  This system puts their mascot, Captain Planet’s message of environmental stewardship and teamwork into practice.

The Captain Planet receives hundreds of proposals yearly and enables young people to become Planeteers themselves by raising environmental awareness and creating a positive impact in their communities and themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and go green this school year with one of these programs. Starting your own green initiative? Let us know in the comments below or tag us on one of our social media pages.