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The Incredible Eight: A Celebration of Our 8th Anniversary

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This time of year is always a milestone for me, a time of reflection. Eight years ago in 2008, my daughter McLaine entered kindergarten and we began Kids Konserve .  We launched with what I thought would be our only product: a Waste-Free Lunch Kit. Together with my friend and co-founder, we were ready to convert every school in the U.S. to a waste-free lifestyle.  One school at a time.

The Number 8

Fast forward eight years later to our 8th anniversary and much has changed. We transitioned from Kids Konserve to U•Konserve, a name that reflects our broader product selection. We now offer waste-free and reusable food-storage solutions to the whole family through many channels. This year my daughter is also transitioning to the 8th grade.

The number 8 seems to be the theme. In numerology it represents balance. 8 is both ‘spiritual’, that is to say practical, realistic and intelligent, as well as ‘materialistic’, or focused on results/money, but it does not care much about money for the sake of wealth. Greed is not involved. Rather, money is the tool to get the job done, to achieve the end result, while taking risks along the way.

How fitting the number 8 is! In addition to striving daily for a sense of balance: making meaning of my career, family, exercise, me-time, etc., I realize that the past eight years have been marked by ‘money’ and taking risks within the confines of the funds U•Konserve has to work with.

Every day we look to where we can reach out in order to share our message of REUSE and the importance of educating families about our products and how to live a waste-free lifestyle. This is still what drives us—eight years later.

If you have any similar experiences about how the number eight might also play a role in your life, please share!

Warmly and gr8fully,