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Pack a Waste-Free Picnic!

waste-free picnic

Picnics are a great way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and nature around us this time of year! While enjoying the great outdoors it’s also important to be mindful of our impact on the environment. Read on for our tips on how to enjoy a waste-free picnic!

Make getting there an adventure

Save energy and increase the fun by opting for low-impact transportation and exploring your local community for outdoor gathering spots near you. If you can, ditch the car and bike, walk, or take public transportation to your picnic destination!

Set the scene

Pick out some fun blankets, beach towels, or sheets laying around the house to sit on while enjoying your waste-free picnic. Sitting at a picnic table? Bring a fun linen tablecloth to lay overtop with matching cloth napkins. Use a basket that you already own to pack your food in or pick one up at a vintage market for an authentic look. Reusable tote bags and backpacks are also great options!

Use what you have

Did you know that 50 percent of the plastic used in the U.S. is used just once then thrown away? Minimize impact by opting for items you already own instead of single-use plastics. Bring along your own utensils, pack drinks in reusable bottles, and use our food kozies as plates! If you’re looking to purchase re-usable options we recommend:

  • Utensils: Choose Bamboo! Our version is lightweight, multi-functional and easy to clean
  • Plates: We love these options from VerTerra which are 100% compostable and made from fallen palm leaves
  • Food Containers: Our stainless steel divided series are a great option for packing different varieties of food in a single container.  Bringing along hot or cold food?  These insulated jars will keep food at the perfect temperature for hours.
  • Water Bottles: Pack drinks in glass water bottles or mason jars with sealable lids.

Be Prepared

Pack some natural bug spray, sunscreen, and hats to protect you and your family from the elements. Remember to bring along a football, frisbee, or your favorite games to play together and enjoy the afternoon outdoors!


Happy waste-free picnicking!